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For Families and Athletes

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Our Whole Body Approach

At Align Chiropractic, we offer a comprehensive and holistic approach to understanding and addressing the various underlying causes of pain and discomfort that individuals may experience.
Get started today to receive your tailored treatment plan that is designed for prevention and performance.

Tailored Treatment Plans

This approach tailors treatment plans to the individual, acknowledging that each person’s body and circumstances are unique. In addressing injuries and pain, the focus extends beyond symptom relief to identifying and treating the root causes.

Prevention & Performance

Customizable treatment plans are designed not only for recovery but also for prevention and performance enhancement. 

Integrating Mind & Body

Lifestyle factors such as nutrition, exercise, and sleep are carefully considered, recognizing their profound impact on overall health. Furthermore, the importance of emotional health is woven into the fabric of our approach, acknowledging the intricate relationship between mind and body.

Why Align Chiropractic?

Doctors Lockwood and Jeffers, with their extensive knowledge and experience, are adept at a diverse range of chiropractic techniques. What sets Align Chiropractic apart is our holistic approach, where personalized exercises, targeted movements, and tailored dietary suggestions are seamlessly integrated into your treatment plan.

Whether you’re a triathlete pushing your physical limits, part of a vibrant family, or a senior seeking enhanced well-being, our dedicated team is committed to addressing your unique needs. At Align Chiropractic, we prioritize not only the alleviation of pain but also the overall improvement of your health, helping you regain balance and feel your absolute best.


We Welcome The Chance To Serve You


“Lauren is The Best in town! I have been working with her for over a year now, she has added years to my life! Thank you so much to Lauren and the staff. Cannot describe how great I feel every time.”


“I have seen many chiropractors over the last 20 years but none like Dr. Lockwood! Chris is really friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and works within your comfort level!


“The first chiropractor I’ve seen who looked at the patterns underlying my pain and provided me with tools to make improvements outside of the office.”


“My husband and I have used Align Chiropractic for years and can’t say enough about their caring and personal approach. You never feel rushed. The staff is also top notch! Highly recommend.


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An Excellent Listener and record keeper

“Dr. Lockwood adjusted me …and added some gentle exercises. He did a great job and he is an excellent listener and record keeper. Nothing but kudos for Dr. Lockwood.”


Bellingham, WA

We knocked out the back pain quickly and permanently

“I was going from a pro-level mountain bike racer to not being able to ride my bicycle at all… Thanks to Dr. Lockwood I’m back out in the Pacific Northwest woods again doing what I do, and what I love… riding my bike.”


Bellingham, WA

I could barely lay on the floor, walk, sit, stand, or hold my son

“Now I work out 7 days a week, play with my son, and can lay on the floor. I’m so glad I went to Align Chiropractic!”


Bellingham, WA

it's hard to determine who is happier over my progress - Dr. Lockwood or me!

“A very painful shoulder prompted me to try chiropractic adjustments. Happily they did work and now I’m able to fix my hair, mop the floor and vacuum without pain!”


Bellingham, WA

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