At Align Chiropractic, your treatment is customized to fit your lifestyle, comfort level and body type. Through our Whole Body Approach, you’ll receive the best regimen custom tailored to you and your life. Our approach helps speed up the healing process and provide long-lasting results.  Get back to to the activities you love without pain or stiffness! Call to make an appointment with Align Chiropractic or send us a note; we’ll help you get back to your daily routine.


Doctors Lockwood and Jeffers are experts in a variety of chiropractic techniques which they combine with customized exercises, movements and dietary suggestions.  Our patients include everyone from triathletes to families and seniors.

At Align Chiropractic, we specialize in the techniques it takes to alleviate any pain you have and make you feel better.


“Dr. Lockwood adjusted me …and added some gentle exercises. He did a great job and he is an excellent listener and record keeper. Nothing but kudos for Dr. Lockwood.”
Diane L., Bellingham, WA
“Thanks to Dr. Lockwood I’m back out in the Pacific Northwest woods again doing what I do, and what I love… riding my bike.”
Kevin Hall, Bellingham, WA
“Before visiting Align, I could barely lay on the floor, walk, sit, stand, or hold my son. Now I work out 7 days a week, play with my son, and can lay on the floor. I’m so glad I went to Align Chiropractic!”
Kia E., Bellingham, WA
“A very painful shoulder and sore arm prompted me to try chiropractic adjustments. Happily the adjustments did work and now I’m able to fix my hair, mop the floor and vacuum without pain!”
Barbara N., Bellingham, WA