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I returned to ice skating for the first timein 2 years

I first saw Dr. Lockwood for what I thought was merely an extremely sore muscle and possible hip misalignment. He realigned the hip and massaged the sore muscle. He also instructed me as to exercises appropriate to help alleviate the pain.
The pain accelerated over the next few weeks, which alerted Dr. Lockwood to the possibility of spinal involvement. He ordered x-rays, which did indicate medical intervention might be required. He recommended I see my physician. While waiting to see the physician I continued seeing Dr. Lockwood who treated the pain with spinal manipulation, exercises and laser treatments. He also recommended I see a medical massage therapist (Tom Gurney) for help with the pain. Ultimately I saw the orthopedic physician who said surgery was necessary because of bone spurs and narrowing of the vertebral spaces, and impingement of the sciatic nerve. By this time the pain was excruciating.

After surgery, the nerve impingement no longer existed, but I continued to have pain running down my leg and occurring whenever I walked or stood, which is the nature of spinal stenosis. With Dr. Lockwood’s help and instruction, I learned how to adjust my life to accommodate the condition. I probably asked him a million questions along the way. He answered each and every one. He always explains the procedures used, so I learned a great deal about the workings of the human body. This condition will be with me for the rest of my life. I declined fusion surgery.

I’ve made every effort to continue working out and to follow all recommendations given me during this period. I am living life much as usual, except for various adjustments and different methods of doing some things. I still have work to do in extending the distance I can walk before pain stops me…. I returned to ice skating for the first time in 2 years. It is going well because I paid attention to all the help and instructions Dr. Lockwood gave me during this time.

If it wasn’t for the care, attention and encouragement of Dr. Lockwood (and the massage therapist), I could not have endured the horrible pain as well as I did.

I have referred others to Dr. Lockwood because he will provide them with the same care attention and encouragement he gave me.

The office staff is very efficient and helpful. Patients are always warmly received.

Mrs. D., age 81

Bellingham, WA

I would not hesitate to return

I frequently visit my family in Bellingham. On a recent visit, I was experiencing lower back pain related to traveling and a chronic condition I have. My daughter suggested that I see Dr. Chris Lockwood.
Dr. Lockwood spent ample time diagnosing me. After this visit my pain decreased significantly. It totally subsided after a few days.

I would not hesitate to return to see Dr. Lockwood whenever I am in the area. If I lived locally in Bellingham, I would see him on a regular basis.


San Luis Obispo, CA

We knocked out the back pain quickly and permanently

Early last fall I visited Dr. Lockwood with tightness in my upper back and an unexplainable drastic loss in energy.
In fact I was going from a pro-level mountain bike racer to not being able to ride my bicycle at all and sleeping 12 hours a day.
Dr. Lockwood’s immediate concern was the adrenals and it was his muscle activation treatments that started it’s reversal. We knocked out the back pain quickly and permanently via’ specialty exercises, and set up treatment programs to level out what we confirmed was Adrenal Fatigue. Thanks to Dr. Lockwood, a proper diet, and several other area specialists, I’m back out in the Pacific Northwest woods again doing what I do, and what I love… riding my bike.


Bellingham, WA

I could barely lay on the floor, walk, sit, stand, or hold my son

Before visiting Align, I could barely lay on the floor, walk, sit, stand, or hold my son. Now I work out 7 days a week, play with my son, and can lay on the floor. I’m so glad I went to Align Chiropractic!


Bellingham, WA

it's hard to determine who is happier over my progress - Dr. Lockwood or me!

A very painful shoulder and sore arm prompted me to try chiropractic adjustments. Happily the adjustments did work and now I am able to raise my arm again. My shoulder doesn’t hurt now. I am able to fix my hair and mop the floor. Even using the vacuum cleaner doesn’t cause pain. It’s hard to determine who is happier over my progress – Dr. Lockwood or me! I heartily recommend Dr. Lockwood.


Bellingham, WA

An Excellent Listener and record keeper

I came to see Dr. Lockwood… for my right knee. I had taken a nasty fall…. and was in a major amount of pain.
Dr. Lockwood adjusted me …and added some gentle exercises. He did a great job. Dr. Lockwood is an excellent listener and record keeper. He doesn’t push treatment if you are uncomfortable nor does he drag treatment on longer than is necessary.
He has a great disposition. His staff is efficient and pleasant to work with. Nothing but kudos for Dr. Lockwood.


Bellingham, WA

i participated in the fairhaven 15k and completed the run with no hip pain

I really appreciate Dr. Lockwood’s approach to chiropractic care.
I started treatment at Align Chiropractic for routine care and maintenance. My brother is a chiropractor and (with his) moving away, I needed to establish myself with a new doctor. I chose Dr. Lockwood because of his philosophy.

During my first visit I mentioned that I had been experiencing hip pain while running. Pain had been part of my daily training. I love running…. Was I too old to run?

On my second visit Dr. Lockwood explained how the body is designed to run. He did some testing to see where my weakness was in my hips. Then he showed me some exercises.

I noticed improvement almost immediately. I would do the exercises as directed … the payoff happened so quickly! About 2 weeks after starting the exercises, I participated in the Fairhaven 15k and completed the run with no hip pain.

I continue to do the exercises, am able to run long distances without any pain. It has been a huge boost for me. I can go faster and chase my kids around the house the next day…. I run because I love it!


Bellingham, WA

if i had not met Dr. Lockwood, my running days would have been over

I met Dr. Lockwood after I did a 5K where he was working to help racers. I had completed my first half-marathon and struggled with IT (Itibial band) issues. He worked on my legs and I was impressed with the results.
I was beginning to think my walking / running days were over before I had really started, but I wanted to stay active. Dr. Lockwood gave me exercises and laser treatments. If I had not met Dr. Lockwood, my running days would have been over, but now I am completing my 5th half-marathon this year. Thank you Dr. Lockwood!


Bellingham, WA

the work he did opened my airway for the first time in many years

The condition that brought me to Dr. Lockwood’s office first was tension that interfered with my heart and lungs. The work he did opened my airway for the first time in many years. It was a great treat to breathe freely again. Thank you for that alone.
I have been an advocate for natural health techniques and I appreciate Dr. Lockwood’s holistic approach. I like the gentler approach and taking time to work on the muscles involved.

When I had my rear-ender car accident, I felt so grateful for Dr. Lockwood’s attention to details and he set my body right over a couple of months. I have enjoyed the thoroughness and the gentleness of his physical examinations for the problem areas in my body.

It is wonderful to feel good again.


Bellingham, WA


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“Lauren is The Best in town! I have been working with her for over a year now, she has added years to my life! Thank you so much to Lauren and the staff. Cannot describe how great I feel every time.”


“I have seen many chiropractors over the last 20 years but none like Dr. Lockwood! Chris is really friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and works within your comfort level! 


“The first chiropractor I’ve seen who looked at the patterns underlying my pain and provided me with tools to make improvements outside of the office.”


“My husband and I have used Align Chiropractic for years and can’t say enough about their caring and personal approach. You never feel rushed. The staff is also top notch! Highly recommend.


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