Therapeutic Massage: Our Focus

Our clinic focuses on therapeutic massage to be the perfect partner with our chiropractic services. Therapeutic massage focuses primarily on therapy, meaning the healing of your body, over relaxation. While therapeutic massage can be relaxing because it also works on the overall fascia in the body, its intention is on establishing new patterns in your musculoskeletal system 1 area at a time. Typically in a 60-minute session, patients are able to receive deep focused work on one area in addition to a more relaxing full-body massage. In a 90-Minute session our massage therapists have the ability to focus on 2 or 3 areas that may be connected in your current pain points or injuries.

What can I expect in a typical massage appointment?

Massage patients check-in upstairs. As a massage patient you will spend 3-5 minute discussing with the therapist where you would like to focus on your body, and how your body is feeling. There will then be around 55 minute of dedicated hands-on massage time in you