Meet the Doctor

Dr. Chris Lockwood’s Chiropractic Career was initiated from an appreciation for the technique back in his high school years.  After a serious football injury that fractured two vertebrae, he was sent to the sidelines.  A young athlete by nature, it was practically unbearable to sit while friends battled it out each season on the field.  After the bones healed and Chris was cleared to play sports again, he was recommended for chiropractic care.  Through several visits and months of hard work, Chris made a profound recovery and felt better than he thought he ever would.  Even today, he continues treatment on an occasional basis to continue feeling optimal in his busy and active lifestyle.  Chris is truly an advocate for Chiropractic care.

Summa Cum Laude Western States University, Portland, OR

It wasn’t until many years later that Chris actually followed through with his dream.   During a unique opportunity to work for a search and rescue unit in Antarctica, he roped up to climb to the top of a glacier.  After summiting he realized that anything was possible (as climbing such a mountain is quite a feat) and admitted to himself that his true passion was in helping people through chiropractic care.  At that moment, he decided to do all it would take to be a practicing chiropractor.

Dr. Chris Lockwood graduated summa cum laude from Western States University in Portland Oregon in 2006.  He chose Western States because of their holistic, collaborative approach to medicine, a philosophy that now sets him apart from other Chiropractors in the Bellingham area.

Patient/Doctor Team Approach to Chiropractic Care

Dr. Lockwood’s approach to chiropractic care is based on the idea that he and the patient work as a team.  He provides specialized chiropractic techniques and teaches each client customized exercises they can do at home between visits.  The exercises mimic natural movement, which is important for reinforcing realistic motions and help speed the healing process.  Patients that take ownership and follow through with their prescribed exercise homework have shown profound change and faster recovery times.

In His Spare Time

Chris lives with his wife and two daughters in Bellingham, WA. He enjoys hiking, skiing, playing soccer & baseball,  traveling and exploring Whatcom County and the Pacific Northwest with his family.