Massage Therapy

Addressing soft tissue is an important part in the healing process. When Rolfing or massage will benefit a client, Dr. Lockwood will refer that individual for therapeutic massage and/or Rolfing. We have two highly trained massage practitioners that are on site:

Craig Eubank

Rolfing is a form of bodywork that releases, realigns and balances connective tissues in your body. This work is also known as Structural Integration. The name Rolfing comes from Ida P. Rolf, a Ph.D. who developed the practice more than 50 years ago.

Luna Way

All clients are seen and treated as individuals with your varying needs specific to you. My work is a balance between you, other practitioners, and myself. When you come for a treatment, I listen carefully to your physical history, emotional state, and what you want to change in your physical structure to make life more pleasurable.